Wilderbee Farm Exhibition.

The hanging date will be either Aug. 1 or 2.

The opening reception, open to the public, will be Saturday, Aug. 3 from 3 to 5 p.m. Mead will be available for tasting and purchase, and we can bring appetizers and nonalcoholic beverages to serve our guests. The Meadery will promote the exhibit on its website, and to the hundreds who subscribe its Instagram posts and receive its e-mail. It also advertises on-screen at the Rose Theatre.

Those who have already volunteered to help with the Meadery exhibit are:

Hanging: Annie, Caryl, Debra Olson, Sue Gale
Reception: Kathie Cook
Takedown: Caryl, Erica, Debra Olson, Sue Gale
Media publicity: Linda
General: Diana, Donna

Meadery space: As previously reported, the walls are paneled with distressed boards, so we are free to put in nails. One wall is taken up with the bar. All wall spaces are divided with verticals, and the height is limited by brace-like crosspieces at a 45-degree angle (estimated). The two walls perpendicular to the bar each have display spaces of 57 inches wide and then spaces 13-1/3 feet wide. The minimum height of these (in the space with cross pieces) is 7 feet 7 inches. Large pieces could be hung higher in the middle (where there are no cross pieces) with smaller pieces on each side. In addition, the wall of the entrance door has 52-inch- and 36-inch-wide spaces. The wall opposite the bar, the wall facing the farm field, has windows, French doors opening to the field, and two narrow display spaces, one 32 inches wide. The other is 28 inches wide, but the available space is only about 24 inches high due to a fire extinguisher and light switches. The only space we cannot use are the portions of two walls that form a seating alcove and the entrance to the restroom; one wall has a permanent display and the other wall is used by the farm's artist.