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For as long as I can remember, I have expressed myself through artwork.  Although my formal training was in design, drawing, and studio painting, I discovered in the mid-70’s that fabric, as a fine-art medium, best expressed my personal vision. Illusions of movement, depth, and luminosity are common to most of my work. Although some of my quilts include recognizable images, my work is most often about seeing, experiencing, and imagining, rather than pictorial representation of any specific object or species. My focus is on positive energy and images that will lift the spirits of those who see them.


Recently retired and relocated to Sequim, I am pursuing fabric manipulation and the use of nontraditional materials such as wire with traditional techniques (e.g., knitting).

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Kathie Cook
Website: under development

I am a quilt lover. Like so many others, my journey has gone from traditional patterns to creating my own.


I need to be up close and personal with my fabric and therefore, my quilts are 100% hand sewn. I create quilts where I layer and build an abstract landscape.  I am also an improvisational piecer, sewing components, which I arrange, then rearrange, doing whatever the quilt needs to find it’s balance.

Color is always the driver of a new piece. The combination of commercial fabric with the serendipity of my hand dyes energizes me.

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Leslie Dickenson

From the time I was little and sat watching my mother sew, I loved having fabric in my hands and now I think of myself as a fondler of fabric, I love the color, pattern, texture and fluidity.   I started out making my own clothes when I was young and when I retired I learned to quilt. Art Quilts started working their way into my life and now I never limit myself to one method or concept. Each piece I create is an idea that requires diverse techniques to bring it to fruition.  I enjoy the creative process and my inspirations often come from the natural environment; it could be an animal, plant or structure. I think of fabric as my palate to paint.



Donna Lee Dowdney

I capture the moment with bold, saturated colors using multiple fabrics, free-motion stitching, embroidery, thread painting, applique, beading, collage, painting, needle felting, stamping, and other surface design techniques. My fractal-inspired designs explode into the infinite universe and implode to microscopic size. Nature’s dance of life inspires my art as I manipulate fabrics and embellish them to reveal light, movement, and color. My designs encircle, spiral, branch, and wander as they simulate the universe. Landscapes, seascapes, and florals draw visitors into seeing nature's beauty in new ways. There is no limit to nature’s inspiration in its amazing layered networks!

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Erica Iseminger

I am fascinated with patterns and textures - especially ones in nature. Shibori gives me a way to explore that. It is always a joy to undo a piece and see the results , expected and unexpected.

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Rachel Josepher Gaspers

Being compelled to Make Things, I strive to make them beautiful. This is my goal for whatever medium I'm working in, and I'm open to Beauty being redefined. I work with oil painting, glass/concrete sculpture, textiles, and whatever. A favorite right now is biological printing on wool, silk and paper, then stitching them into Things. Whenever appropriate, or possible, I try to work sculpturally, either actual or implied.

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Elaine Girard
Facebook: elaine girard

The love of quilting has driven most of my adult life, allowing me to explore the creation of texture and beauty with cloth and thread alone.


I bead, embroider and quilt to create jewelry, sculptures, dolls and critters. Beads are hand sewn one at a time to fabric or paper backing. I mix beads, shells, found objects and fabric to create 2 and 3-D objects. Travel gives me the opportunity to explore, learn about different cultures and to find odd bits of the natural world to spark my creativity.

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Barbara Houshmand

I am a quilt maker and a fiber artist who comes from a long line of craftswomen. Women who loved to make things - food, quilts, and art. My women used their hands to touch my life in many ways. Although those women are now gone, I think of them often and reflect on how they continue to touch my life with the objects they created. I believe that the maker’s mark is on
everything that is made by the human hand and when I think of the joy I receive daily from the handmade objects I treasure, I hope to touch someone’s life with my handmade art.


Anne Jarnagin

I have spent my life making all type of stuff from clothing, costumes and soft sculpture using primarily textiles. At present I am working in 3D using encaustic wax, textiles, wire, bone and found objects to create dolls that are untraditional in appearance but hold spirit and grace in their form.

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Kindy Kemp
Facebook: Kindy Kemp

Color and repeat pattern are my two loves. I work with the interplay of color values, gradation of one hue to another, and the colors in the shibori fabrics I create with Procion dye. I call my quilts PostAmish because seeing Amish quilt designs is what inspired me to start quilting, but the other main influences for me are traditional Asian patterns, natural forms, and the work of William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and the architects Greene and Greene. Besides dyeing, I also carve stamps and make works on paper with them.

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Cheri Kopp
Facebook: cherikopp1

I make art from cast-off materials: trash; recyclable, found, salvaged items, and life’s remnants are collected, cleaned and inventoried. My 3D assemblages, mosaic-like artworks, faux and real quilts elevate often discarded materials to illustrate intimate, ironic and ideological stories. In my life and in my practice, more is more. While I sometimes think of myself as a tidy hoarder, my process celebrates the ordinary and my aesthetic is about living lightly on the planet. My Port Townsend studio will be open for private tours summer 2018.

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Mary O'Shaughnessy
Facebook: Mary O'Shaughnessy

I work in many different mediums, for this area I use handmade paper collaged with imagery, photographs and text that I have manipulated.


Barbara Ramsey

I am a fabric artist who sews original abstract art works using traditional quilting techniques. Employing my own designs, I piece together fabric shapes with a sewing machine and by hand. My main materials are commercially printed fabric as well as fabric I've dyed and manipulated myself.

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I have been drawn to textiles - color and texture - for many years. I have made clothing, wall and sculptural pieces. Seldom are my pieces flat - they seem to acquire dimension spontaneously. I find beauty in Nature and try to capture a glimpse of that beauty in my work. I love to travel: the architecture, landscape and people I find on my trips often find their way into my work.


Janice Speck
Facebook: Janice speck

I work with felt in different combinations, color attracts me, and searching for beads is a perfect excuse for searching thrift shops or yard sales.


I am a maker of mixed media sculptural forms and am drawn to the tactile and manipulative as well as versatile properties of paper, clay, wire, and wood. I am intrigued by the shapes, patterns, textures, rhythms and colors found in the natural world. I attempt to elicit a sense of mystery and joy in my pieces. My work is inspired by all sorts of simple things; a line from a poem, found objects on the beach or in the woods, my garden, music and other artists.


Mary Tyler

I have practiced many forms of expression from weaving (for 20 years), making books, hot wax batik, (learned while living in Malaysia), and now dyeing cloth and making quilts.The work has always focused on color and pattern. At the moment, I'm interested in the idea of circular quilts joined with nontraditional geometric shapes.

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Marla Varner

I am a fiber artist and quilt maker. My geometric, abstract designs explore the world of color. I often use free-form cutting techniques and hand-dyed fabrics to piece my compositions. To complete the process, the quilting is done by hand and machine to give an added dimension of line and texture.


Cathie Wier
Instagram: @cathiewier

I am a weaver who loves texture and to break the vertical and horizontal lines normally associated with weaving. My nature-inspired wall pieces are usually three dimensional. I always have a selection of scarves for sale, which often serve as textural experiments and examples. I am also working with a technique called ply-split braiding to create vessels and sculptures, allowing me to create when the loom isn't handy.


Joyce Wilkerson

Although I began my artistic career as a printmaker, the unexpected gift of a loom changed my trajectory from fine arts towards weaving. My long career in creating cloth focused on turning complex weaves and graphic patterning into wearable art. The process is a complicated dance between the loom and the computer and me. It is magical, mysterious and technical. I mainly think of myself as a weaver, but the influences of printmaking, painting and photography never left me. I’ve used the SDA group shows to investigate works on paper, and it intrigues me to see where the muse might lead.

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Diane Williams
Instagram: @The_madwoman_in_the_basement
Facebook: Diane Williams
Pinterest: The Madwoman in the Basement

Making art gives me an excuse to walk around picking up trash. I use everything from junk food wrappers and smashed beer cans to fine silks and lace (usually recycled from thrift stores). I create jumping jack toys, quilts, garments, and dolls finding inspiration in conversation, literature, media, under rocks, on kitchen tables, everywhere.

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