Uptown Port Townsend
675 Tyler Street, Port Townsend

SDA-NP members curate and hang a new show in the window every two months. If you have questions or comments about the window, please contact Barbara Ramsey


SDA-NP Features PT WAS

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September 15 – November 12, 2019
Cheri Kopp and Janice Speck, co-curators
Participating Artists: Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Diana Gipson, Pat Herkal, Michelle Johnson, Cheri Kopp, Donna Lark, Janice Speck, and Joyce Wilkerson

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Hidden Soul Beneath

July - September 2019
Participating Artists: Pat Herkal, Barbara Ramsey, Jean-Marie Tarascio, and Cathie Wier

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Fiber Art Community

May 12 - July 9 2019
Curated by Diana Gipson and Debra Olson

Participating Artists: Diana Gipson, Debra Olson, Sue Scott, Pat Herkal, Barbara Houshmand

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Then and Now

March – May 2019
Curated by Kathie Cook, Marla Varner, Sue Gale

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Garments Transformed

January – March 2019
Curated by Cheri Kopp and Elaine Girard
Participating Artists: Elaine Girard, Cheri Kopp, Barbara Ramsey, Diane Williams

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Winter Beach 


November 2018 - January 2019
Curated by Nora Shapiro and Michelle Johnson
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Participating Aritists: Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Michelle Johnson, Donna Lark, Nora Shapiro, Jean-Marie Tarascio, Cathie Wier, Helga Winter

It’s All About Dyeing


September - November 2018
Curated by Leslie Dickinson and Mary Tyler

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Participating Artists: Leslie Dickinson, Mary Tyler, Diana Gipson, Janice Speck

Flora Fauna Fiber

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July - September 2018
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Participating Artists: Pat Herkal, Barbara Ramsey, Jean-Marie Tarascio, Cathie Wier

Chaos and String Theory - The Process of Making Fiber Art


May - July 2018
Curated by Joyce Wilkerson and Kindy Kemp

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Participating artists: Joyce Wilkerson, Kindy Kemp, Rachel Gaspers, Michelle Johnson, and Erica Iseminger

Exotic Lands and Far Away Places: Real and Imagined


March - May 2018
Curated by Diana Gipson and Sue Scott

Installation Details

Participating artists: Diana Gipson, Barbara Houshmand, Barbara Ramsey, Sue Scott, Janice Speck


January - March 2018
Curated by Barbara Ramsey and Cathie Wier

Participating artists: Barbara Houshmand, Michelle Johnson, Marla Varner, Cheri Kopp, Anne Jarnagin, Donna Lee Dowdney, Leslie Dickinson

November 2017 - January 2018
Curated by Barbara Ramsey and Cathie Wier

Participating artists: Mary Tyler, Caryl Breyer Fallert-Gentry, Kindy Kemp, Pat Herkal, Joyce Wilkerson, Cathie Wier, Nora Shapiro, Rachel Gaspers, Helga Winter, Jean-Marie Tarascio