SDA-NP Features PT WAS

Cheri Kopp and Janice Speck, co-curators
September 15 – November 12, 2019

In anticipation of the 10th annual Port Townsend Wearable Art Show on May 9, 2020, the Fiber Habit Window features the work of active SDA-NP members who have shown on the WAS runway.

PT WAS is held annually on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. This show and sale of fashion and wearable art is the major fund-raiser for the non-profit Fund For Women and Girls.

Yoko Jacket 2011|
Joyce Wilkerson
Port Townsend

Joyce has participated since the start, first showing this jacket made from her hand-woven cotton, rayon, tencel, linen and bamboo fabric. She lent a vest from her closet, made of the same 24-harness complex “Hot Stones” weave, for this exhibit (the jacket is in a private collection).

Model: Sarah Cady Sartorius
Photo: Valerie Santagto

Red and Black Shawl 2015
Janice Speck
Port Townsend

A perennial PT WAS participant, Janice has shown on the runway, sold her work in the boutique and dressed the Fund For Women and Girls founder and past WAS show chair Debbi Steele.

Janice works with silk, wool and beads, creating garments (like this shawl), wall hangings and jewelry.

Model: Debbi Steele
Photo: Deja Webster

Shibori Jacket 2016
Diana Gipson
Port Townsend

Diana has transformed coffee bean bags, plastic construction fencing and silk into WAS runway-ready looks.

Traditional Japanese shibori designs were hand-stitched into silk, dyed by the artist and hand-appliqued onto a silk jacket to create this lively garment ideal for summer wear.

Model: Jan Burr

Taraxacum Officinale 2017
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Port Townsend

A renowned quilter, Caryl says, “Seems to me, if we spent less time playing the grim reaper of dandelions, we would have more time for quilting.” Scanned images of real dandelion leaves form the jacket. 18 yards of silk went into making the blossom skirt. Gardening tools are featured on the cape.

Model: Pallas Burhen and the artist
Photo: Ron Gentry

Purple In The Garden 2017
Michelle Johnson
Port Angeles

Michelle’s dedication to her career and attention to detail are evident in her line of felted and embellished garments.

This frock has flowers all the way round; the back is as lovely as the front.

Silk, merino wool, and subtle sparkles were hand felted together to create a lightweight tunic dress.

Wedding Dress By The Sea 2018
Donna Lark
Port Townsend

A change from coats and vests Donna’s previously shown on the runway (5 in 3 years!), she created this sheer reversible dress by Nuno felting mulberry silk lap, merino wool and lace.

Later, artist Pat Herkal, in preparation for their future collaboration, added beaded embellishment to the dress.

Model: Lauren Lark
Photo: Deja Webster

Starry Night Over The Rhône 2019
Donna Lark and Pat Herkal
Port Townsend

A collaboration by two SDA-NP members, inspired by an 1888 Van Gogh painting of the same name, this elaborate, though wearable, vest was Nuno felted with merino wool roving on hand-dyed silk by Donna.

Inspired by the colors and movement of the felting, Pat added the sparkle of the night via a plethora of beads.

Model: Barbara Ramsey
Photo: Kay Harper

Orange You A Cutie? 2019
Cheri Kopp
Port Townsend

A first time WAS artist, Cheri works with “cast-off” materials (trash, found objects, etc.). For decades, she saved the non-recyclable plastic and paper packaging detritus from oranges and other fruits, that went into this look. She collected, cleaned, trimmed, shaped, molded, stretched, glued, stitched into fabric and even quilted them to form this fresh ensemble.

Model: Julie Christine
Photo: Diane Urbani de la Paz