It’s All about Dyeing


September 21 - November 15 2018

Curators: Leslie Dickinson, Mary Tyler
Artists: Diana Gipson, Leslie Dickinson, Janice Speck, Mary Tyler

Mary Tyler:
Quilted Moon – Hand dyed cotton, quilted and stitched silk and cotton - Hand dyed pieces throughout the exhibit

Diana Gipson:
Wings – Hand dyed silk Ikat weaving with indigo and other dyes
Japanese Shibori – Hand-stitched silk samples dyed in indigo

Janice Speck:
Beaded Necklaces – Felted Beads made with hand dyed roving and felt, embellished with recycled findings and beads

Leslie Dickinson:
Bowls and Vessels – Hand dyed cotton, beaded and stitched
Quilted Sea – Hand dyed, embellished and stitched
Botanical Eco Print/Dyed Cotton– Silk scarves and fabric

Double Moon 04.jpeg