Within the Surface Design community of artists, our Artwork builds conversations – whether in the process of creating or viewing. It can lead to many shared experiences and challenges. It also extends to the community of our viewing public. Our art creates visual opportunities for conversations with you that can be light-hearted, can create deeply felt emotions, thoughtful questions, or sometimes just experience the pure joy of color, shape, and texture.

We hope you enjoy this colorful window exhibit as much as we enjoyed creating it to share our love of fiber art.

Debra Olson, Diana Gipson, Sue Scott, Pat Herkal, Barbara Houshmand

DIANA GIPSON, Port Townsend WA

Elephant Parade
This piece was created for the children’s room at a library and is hand-embroidered and made from hand-dyed silks and enhanced commercial fabric.


DEBRA OLSON, Port Townsend WA

Women of the World
After a dear elderly friend had passed, I thought about the amazing women in my life, some I have known and others I met in books or movies – all strong, courageous, funny……

On the Way to Somewhere

The Village
I love walking residential streets, looking at architecture and landscapes.

Shall We Go…There is so much to See

   These two pieces are simply having fun with patterns and colors.


Diary of a Modern Romance    Book pages are used coffee filters digitally printed with the email exchanges between two people contemplating a romance.  Made with silk, boro cotton “ukata” fabric.

Hand-made thread lace pages inside a silk cover collaged with stitching and paint.

PAT HERKAL,  Port Townsend WA

This quilt was created with words from an email received from our daughter, Rita, the day before she was killed in a bus accident in Malawi. She was working for a nonprofit building schools in small villages.  It is a memorial to a young, dedicated life well spent with peace, joy, and gratitude.


Sun Dance Opera    My quilt is about the beauty, depth and perseverance of the Native American Indians.  This quilt is personal.  The people on it have names and their stories I have been blessed to know.


Blue-haired Old Lady With Attitude (Self-Portrait)
My motto: Never take yourself too seriously – it’s much more fun!


Taken from childhood memories spending Sundays driving through the countryside.